10 Fun and Games at Malory Tower - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. malory towers series book 10 Fun and. New girl Millicent clashes with the feisty June over the school's priorities: a music concert or tennis tournament? But both pale into insignificance when it's found. 10 Fun and Games at Malory Towers (written by Pamela Cox) become much more steady and responsible since she was made games captain. And as for Jo .

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Fun and Games at Malory Towers. Read more · Fun & Games at Malory Towers · Read more · In the Fifth at Malory Towers. Read more · In the Fifth at Malory. Fun and Games at Malory Towers book. Read 37 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. New girl Millicent clashes with the feisty June over. The series follows the heroine Darrell Rivers from her first year at Malory Towers to when she leaves. 10, Fun and Games at Malory Towers, Download.

I feel sure that I shall be inspired to write some marvellous music in such a setting. Millicent had gone all intense again, and Felicity and Susan exchanged glances, trying not to laugh, while Mrs Blake frowned at them in the driving mirror. At last the car came to a halt in the driveway, and the three girls looked out to see dozens of girls, all chattering away together, greeting friends and saying goodbye to parents.

Felicity could see Nora and Pam in the distance, and she longed to leap out of the car and run across to them. But she was a sober, serious fifth former now, so she got out of the car in a dignified manner, and waited patiently with Susan and Millicent while Mrs Blake opened the boot and got their things out. Do have a good term, all of you, said Mrs Blake, giving Susan a hug. And I shall see you at half-term, dear. Then the three girls made their way across the lawn, and found that Pam and Nora had been joined by June and Freddie.

Hallo there! Had good hols? My goodness, isnt it grand to be back? I cant believe that we are fifth formers now! And whos this? A new girl? Oh yes, this is Millicent Moon, said Felicity. Millicent, meet Pam, Nora, June and Freddie. The others greeted the new girl with interest, then Susan said, Theres something different about you this term, June. Is there? I cant think what. I know what it is! You have an air of dignity about you. Yes, agreed Felicity, her eyes twinkling.

You look far more serious and responsible than you did last term. Like a proper fifth former! I was just thinking that myself, said Nora, joining in the fun. I say, June, perhaps Miss James will make you head of the form now that youve gone all serious and grown-up. June gave a snort and said, Serious and grown-up? What nonsense! As for Miss James making me head of the form, why, shes more likely to choose Bonnie or Amy! The others laughed at the thought of little Bonnie, or the haughty Amy, becoming head-girl, and Nora said, I wonder who she will choose?

Not me, thats for sure. Well, we will find out tomorrow, said Pam. I say, whos that over there? Another new girl? The others looked, and saw a plump, fair girl, with round, grey eyes and a rather bewildered expression, standing alone. Poor thing, said Freddie. She looks rather lost. Shall we go and say hallo? So the group of fifth formers went across to the new girl and Felicity said, Hallo there.

Youre new, arent you? What form are you in? Im in the fifth form, North Tower, answered the girl, smiling shyly. My names Delia Norris. Are you all fifth formers too? Yes, answered Susan. And we are all in North Tower, so you had better come along with us to Matron.


Delia bent to pick up her night case, and as she did so it flew open, her belongings spilling out everywhere. Oh my gosh! How silly of me. My aunt is always telling me how careless and clumsy I am.

Well, thats not very kind of her, said the outspoken June, and Felicity gave her a nudge, before stooping to help the new girl collect her scattered things.

Well, my aunt isnt very kind, sometimes, said Delia, turning red. She was awfully glad when my grandmother decided to pay the fees for me to come to boarding school. She sounded rather forlorn, and some of the others felt sorry for her.

Susan asked kindly, Do you live with your aunt? Yes, and my two cousins, answered Delia, closing her night case firmly. My father is a sailor, you see, so he is away a lot, and I have no mother. I dont think that my aunt really wanted me to live with her, and my cousins certainly didnt, for they never made me feel very welcome.

What a shame! I daresay you will be glad to be away from them. Delia nodded and said, Though I cant really blame them for being impatient with me at times. Im such a duffer! The others didnt know quite what to say to this, and were relieved when Bonnie and Amy joined them. The two newcomers were introduced to the new girls, then Felicity said, Well, I suppose we had better take our health certificates to Matron.

Got yours, Delia? And you, Millicent? Good, well, off we go then.

The fifth formers trooped off to Matrons room, where they found her busily ticking things off on a list. She looked up as the girls entered, and her plump face broke into a smile. Hallo, fifth formers, she said. My goodness, how strange it feels to be saying that to you!

It seems like only yesterday that you came in here as giggling, irresponsible first formers. Yes, but all that is behind us now, Matron, said June, putting on a very grave expression.

You see before you a group of very sober, responsible individuals indeed. Matron laughed, and said, Hmm, as far as you are concerned, June, I will believe that when I see it. Now, do you all have your health certificates?

One by one, the girls handed them over, apart from Delia, who opened her night case and began pulling everything out.

Delia, what are you doing? Youve only just put everything back in! I cant find my health certificate, said Delia. Im quite sure that it is in here somewhere. Well, it had better be, my girl, said Matron sternly. Or its quarantine for you, and I am sure you dont want that. Delia certainly didnt want that, and began searching more frantically. At last the health certificate was found, tucked inside one of her slippers, and she handed it over with a sigh of relief. Matron took it and said, Off you go now.

You are all in the same dormitory, along with Julie and Lucy, and another new girl called Gillian Weaver. Another new girl! I wonder what she is like?

The fifth formers soon found out, for when they reached their dormitory Julie and Lucy were already there, and with them was a slim girl, with narrow green eyes and long, pale auburn curls. She was very attractive indeed, and the others looked at her with interest. Hallo, you lot! Weve been back for ages, and weve got Jack and Sandy all settled in nicely. The others greeted them, then Lucy said, This is Gillian Weaver, who is joining our form.

And I see we have two more new girls! There was a flurry of introductions, then Felicity said happily, Well, here we are, all back together again for a new term. I wonder what it will bring? The fifth formers looked in at their new common-room, before going down to the stables, to greet Jack and Sandy. Delia and Millicent seemed rather nervous of horses and admired them from a distance, but Gillian patted their velvety muzzles and made a great fuss of them. Do you ride, Gillian?

A little, said the girl. But I dont have much time for it, with my other interests. And what are they? Well, I simply love tennis, said Gillian. And I see that the courts here are super, so Im hoping to do well at that this term. And I play the violin, too, and that takes up a lot of my time. Millicents ears pricked up at this, and she said, I am a musician myself, and play several instruments, including the violin. Have you taken any music exams? Oh, no, said Gillian, looking quite alarmed at the thought.

I simply play for fun. Millicent, who took her music very seriously indeed, looked rather disapproving at this, but the others rather liked Gillian, and Freddie took her arm, saying, Lets go and take a look at the swimming-pool before tea. Theres just time. Both Gillian and Millicent went into raptures over the beautiful, natural swimming-pool, which was hollowed out of rocks and filled by the sea. I simply cant wait to go for a swim in there.

How beautiful, said Millicent, in her low, dramatic voice. It makes me feel like composing a tune, all about the wildness and beauty of the sea. Does it? It makes me feel like diving in fully clothed, but as Im a fifth former now, I suppose I shall have to restrain myself.

Just then the bell went for tea, and Pam cried, Good, Im simply starving. Come along, everyone! The fifth formers looked around as they entered the big dining-room, giving rather superior smiles as they saw the lower forms, who all had a mistress seated at the head of their table. The fifth and sixth formers, however, were judged to be grown-up enough to supervise themselves at meal-times, and ate alone.

My word, this looks good, said Susan, rubbing her hands together, as the girls took their seats. Cold ham, tomatoes, potatoes cooked in their jackets and fruit salad with cream for afters.

As the fifth formers tucked in, the old girls pointed out various mistresses to the new girls.

Thats Mamzelle Rougier over there, at the second formers table, said Felicity. One of our French mistresses.

She can be awfully bad-tempered, so its best not to get on the wrong side of her. And there is Mamzelle Dupont, our other French mistress, said Freddie. Shes awfully goodhearted, though she has a hot temper at times. And shes a most marvellous person to play tricks on, for she is so easy to take in. Not that we shall be playing tricks on her, of course, said Susan, in a lofty tone.

We shall leave that sort of thing to the lower school. I cant see Miss James anywhere, said Nora, peering round. Then she turned to the new girls, and said, Miss James is our form mistress.

I dont know her awfully well, but she seems quite a good sort. I think that she is coming back later tonight, said Pam.

See a Problem?

So we will meet her properly for the first time tomorrow. And where is the music master, or mistress? Well, not all of the girls take music lessons, explained Felicity. So we have someone who comes in several times a week and gives lessons.

Her name is Miss Johnston and shes supposed to be awfully good. Yes, I took piano lessons with her for a while back in the second form, said Pam.

Shes a fine teacher. Millicent didnt look impressed by this, and gave a sniff. I daresay I shall be above the standard that she is used to teaching, she said, rather haughtily. But as I have learned just about all there is to learn, perhaps it doesnt matter so very much. As long as I can get my practice in, that is the most important thing. The fifth formers exchanged glances, and June said smoothly, Perhaps you will be able to teach Miss Johnston a thing or two, Millicent. The others grinned, but Millicent, apparently unconscious of any sarcasm, seemed to see this as a compliment, and smiled.

Will you be taking music lessons, Gillian? Gillian shook her auburn curls, and said, No, I stopped taking lessons last year. I have brought my violin to school with me, and I love playing it, but, as I said, it is just for fun. Seeing that Delia looked rather left out, Felicity turned to her and said kindly, What about you, Delia?

Do you have any amazing talents? Are you marvellous at games, or do you play an instrument, or anything? No, said Delia rather bleakly. Im afraid theres nothing marvellous about me. Im no good at games, I have no talent for music, and Im not even very clever at my lessons. Im just a complete duffer. Nora patted the girl on the back, and said, Cheer up! Im jolly pleased to have you here, for it means that you may be bottom of the form once in a while, instead of me.

Malory Towers

The others laughed at this, even Delia herself, and Susan murmured to Felicity, At least she has a sense of humour, and can take a joke. She seems quite nice, although she doesnt have much confidence in herself. And Millicent has too much! I think I like Gillian best, out of the three new girls.

She seems natural, and friendly, and good fun. The fifth formers were allowed to go to bed when they pleased, within reason, and all of them felt very grown-up and were determined to take advantage of this.

But most of the girls had had very long journeys, and it wasnt long before some of them began to yawn. I think that I shall go up soon, said Nora. Otherwise I shall never be able to concentrate in class tomorrow. Several of the others felt the same, and got to their feet, and Susan said to Millicent, Are you coming to bed?

Millicent, who was engrossed in a newspaper that she had found on the table, said rather absently, I shall stay up a little while longer, I think. Whats that youre reading? It certainly seems to have got your attention. Millicent looked up, and said, Actually its an article about a competition to find the best school orchestra in the country. And there is an entry form here too. I was just wondering if I could persuade Miss Grayling to let me get up a Malory Towers orchestra and enter.

What do you think? The others thought that this sounded like an extremely exciting idea, and Felicity said, I should think that Miss Grayling would be very interested indeed. Its certainly worth asking her, Millicent. Very well, said Millicent, removing the page she had been reading from the newspaper and folding it carefully.

I shall ask her tomorrow, then. By ten oclock all of the fifth formers were tucked up in bed, most of them fast asleep. Only Millicent and Delia seemed to be having trouble in settling down. Millicents head was full of dreams of winning the school orchestra competition, of bringing glory to Malory Towers and of having her name spoken with awe by the others. Delias feelings were mixed.

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She felt happy to be away from her mean-spirited aunt and spiteful cousins, but was anxious about whether she would fit in at Malory Towers. She liked the girls, who all seemed very friendly and jolly, and had certainly done their utmost to make her feel welcome. But she was worried that she wouldnt be able to keep up with them at lessons, or games.

If only she had a special talent, like Millicent, or Gillian, she might feel like a more worthwhile person. But poor Delia was not gifted at all. At last, though, she fell asleep, as did Millicent, and soon the only sound coming from the dormitory was Pams gentle snoring.

After breakfast on the first morning, the new girls had to go and see Miss Grayling, the wise and kindly Head mistress of Malory Towers. Gillian, Millicent and Delia all felt very nervous as they stood before her, thinking that she looked rather stern.

But then Miss Graylings face broke into a lovely smile, and the three girls relaxed a little as she spoke to them one by one, asking their names. Then Miss Grayling gave the little speech that she gave to all the new girls at the beginning of term, and the three of them listened intently, feeling very stirred by her words. At last the Head finished, saying, You may go to your classroom now, and please remember what I have said throughout your time at Malory Towers. The girls nodded solemnly, and Gillian and Delia turned towards the door.

Of course, said the Head. What is it, Millicent? Millicent told the Head about the school orchestra competition, pleased that she seemed to be listening with as much interest as the girls had listened to her speech earlier. At last Miss Grayling said, I must say that it sounds like a very good idea.

We have several very talented musicians at Malory Towers, from various forms, and it would be good for them all to work together at something.

Yes, Millicent, you have my permission to get an orchestra together and enter it into the competition. I suggest that you put something up on the notice-boards, then any girl who is interested can put her name down. Thank you, Miss Grayling, said Millicent, the smile that she gave making her face look much less grave than usual. I shall do my very best to make sure that we win.

I am sure that you will, said the Head. But even if you dont, I hope that everyone who takes part will learn something of value from the experience. Millicent was rather puzzled by this. What on earth was the point of entering a competition just to learn something from it?

She was going to go all out to make sure that the Malory Towers orchestra her Malory Towers orchestra won, for that was the whole point. Of course, she didnt say this to Miss Grayling, but went along to the classroom with her head full of plans. The other girls were already seated, and Millicent took the only seat that was left, in the front row, with Gillian and Delia. Miss James had not yet arrived, and June said, Did you ask the Head about the competition, Millicent? Yes, and shes given permission, said Millicent, looking and sounding more excited than the girls had yet seen her.

Gillian, you must let me hear you play your violin, for there may be a place for you in the orchestra.

And Pam, didnt you say that you could play the piano? Yes, answered Pam, looking rather doubtful. But I dont know that Im good enough to play in an orchestra. Well, well soon see, said Millicent.

I am going to put something up on the notice-board a little later, and I will be holding auditions for anyone who is interested. To be honest, I dont know whether I want to be in the orchestra, murmured Pam to Nora. I rather fancied a nice, easy term. Well, just fluff your audition, said Nora. Then Millicent wont want you. Just then Miss Jamess footsteps could be heard approaching, and the girls fell silent, while Susan got up to hold the door open for the mistress.

Thank you, Susan, said Miss James, with a smile. Please sit down, girls. The girls sat, and looked at Miss James curiously. She was tall and thin, with curly grey hair and hazel eyes.

Delia thought that she looked kind, and felt much more comfortable. Well, before we get down to the business of making out time-tables, there are one or two matters I need to tell you about, said the mistress.

Fun and Games at Malory Towers

First of all, I am sure that you are all eager to know who is to be head of the form. This is something that I discussed with Miss Potts and Miss Williams, who was your form mistress last year, and I took their advice before making my decision. Miss James had, in fact, had a very long discussion with the two mistresses. Susan Blake was head of the form last term, Miss Williams had said. And very good she was too.

I believe that Felicity Rivers was an excellent head-girl in the third form as well. Either of them would be a good choice, Miss Potts, the head of North Tower, had said. But I have a very strong feeling that Miss Grayling may make one of them Head Girl when they go up into the sixth next year. As you know, the Head Girl of the sixth will be Head Girl of the whole school.

So it seems to me that someone else should have the honour this year. Miss James had nodded, and ran her eye over the list of names in front of her. Nora Woods, she had said aloud. Miss Potts and Miss Williams had said at once.

Nora is a dear girl, said Miss Williams. But a complete scatter-brain. I think that you can also rule out Amy and Bonnie, said Miss Potts. Neither of them has the makings of a leader. Ah, now June most definitely is a leader, said Miss Potts. Though she is not always very kind at times. Besides, Miss Grayling and I have other plans for June. Miss Williams and Miss James exchanged curious glances, but Miss Potts would not be drawn, and went on to say, Freddie will always follow Junes lead, so I dont think that she would be a good head-girl either.

That leaves Pam, Julie and Lucy. All nice girls, with good characters, said Miss Williams. But Julie and Lucy are so horse-mad that there is very little time for anything else in their lives, and I dont think that either of them would be very whole-hearted about being head of the form.

Pam was head-girl in the second form, said Miss Potts. All of the girls like, trust and respect her. Well, it looks like Pam will be head of the fifth form, then, said Miss James. Now Miss James made the announcement in class, and all of the fifth formers were delighted. Had they been in a lower form, there would have been an outbreak of cheering and clapping, but as fifth formers they were more restrained, saying, Well done, Pam, old girl.

Yes, jolly good choice.

Youll make a fine head-girl. Oh gosh! Just as I was saying that I fancied an easy term. But, of course, she was as pleased as punch, and simply couldnt wait to write to her parents and tell them the good news.

Miss James smiled, and said, I have something else to tell you, as well. As you know, Ruth Grainger, the games captain, left Malory Towers last term. As there is no one in the sixth form who is really good enough to take her place, the new captain is going to be someone from the fifth form June!

For a moment June thought that she hadnt heard properly, for surely Miss James couldnt have said that she was to be games captain of the whole school?

But the others were beaming at her, congratulating her, and Freddie was clapping her on the back, so it must be true! June was both astonished and delighted, for it had never occurred to her that she would ever be given a position of responsibility at Malory Towers. It was true that she was far and away the best sportswoman in the school. But she also had a reputation for being bold, mischievous and downright wicked at times!

Miss Potts had said as much to Miss Grayling when they had talked about the matter, and Miss Grayling had said, Well, it is time for June to put her tricks and jokes behind her, and learn how to be a responsible young woman. There is no doubt at all that she has the drive and determination to succeed, and I feel that this could be the making of her. And it seemed that June was going to make the most of the opportunity offered to her, for she was already turning over various plans in her mind.

The Malory Towers teams were going to win every tennis match they went in for. She would arrange extra coaching for the lower forms, and pick out any promising youngsters.

And woe betide any slackers! Even people like Bonnie and Amy, who simply loathed games, would have to toe the line. But there was no time to think about that now, for Miss James was speaking again, saying, Of course, it is a very big responsibility for one person alone, so Felicity and Susan will help you.

Felicity and Susan exchanged excited glances, both of them wishing for a moment that they were back in the first form so that they could let out a yell! Goodness, what a term this was going to be! Pam head of the form, June head of games for the whole school, and Millicent has been given permission to get up an orchestra. Where is Millicent? Oh, shes gone off to write out a notice, so that people will get to know about the auditions she is holding, said Nora.

I must say shes awfully keen. How about you, June? Im surprised that you havent started making out lists of teams yet, or putting up notices about practice times. June laughed, and said, Well, I have a lot more to think about than Millicent. All she has to do is listen to people play, and decide whether they are good enough or not. After that, it is simply a matter of rehearsing. I have to arrange matches and practices, decide on players and reserves, coach people, and do my best to bring all the slackers up to scratch!

Well, thank goodness you have two willing helpers, said Julie. Yes, I think the three of us will work together well, said June, grinning at Felicity and Susan. Perhaps we can put our heads together in the common-room later, and decide how we are going to go about this? Felicity and Susan nodded eagerly, then June turned to Gillian and said, If you are as good at tennis as you say, you might get a place on one of the teams.

Its tennis next lesson, so I shall be watching you carefully. Not only did June get the opportunity to watch Gillian, she actually played against her. And she soon saw that the new girl was as good as her word, for Gillian was a marvellous player and very nearly beat June.

And, for once, June didnt mind, for she was absolutely thrilled to have found someone who could play tennis so well. Youre a certainty for the team! Just make sure that you keep your practice up. Heavens, I am in demand!

Millicent wants me to try out for her orchestra, and now you want me to play tennis. What it is to be popular! What are you going to do, Gillian?

Well, its quite obvious that Gillian will choose to play tennis, said June. Who wants to play in a stuffy orchestra, when they can be out in the fresh air. Unfortunately, Millicent overheard this, and said stiffly, There will be nothing stuffy about the Malory Towers orchestra, June.

I simply cant imagine why Gillian would want to waste her time knocking a ball back and forth, when she could be using her talent for something worthwhile. June opened her mouth to retort, but Bonnie interrupted to say, Millicent, you havent even heard Gillian play yet. You only have her word for it that she is any good. This was very true, and Millicent said, Well, there is a little spare time before lunch.

Why dont you go and fetch your violin, Gillian, and you can play for us in the common-room now? So Gillian sped off to get her violin from the dormitory, while the others gathered expectantly in the common-room.

When the new girl came back, she had loosened her long curls from the ribbon that had been tying them back, and when Freddie asked why, Gillian said, I always wear my hair loose when I play the violin. It makes me feel more artistic somehow. Then the girl placed the violin under her chin and began to play. And what a performance she gave! The fifth formers listened, enthralled, as Gillian played, her bow darting over the strings, her enjoyment clear, as beautiful music filled the room.

It was quite clear that Gillian had not exaggerated at all, and was a first-class violinist. When she finished, the girls clapped and cheered like mad. Gillian, youre a marvel. Millicent, you simply must put her in the orchestra. I shall, said Millicent, pleased to have found someone so talented. Only June said nothing. She, too, had been impressed by Gillians playing, but she badly wanted the girl to be on one of the tennis teams, and she had no intention of allowing Millicent to steal her away.

Well, Gillian, it looks as if you must make a choice, said Pam. Yes, I suppose I must, said Gillian, with a grimace. If you dont mind, June and Millicent, I should like to think about it for a while.

Well, dont think about it for too long, said Millicent, rather coolly. I need to choose my orchestra, and lick it into shape. There is no time to waste. June, watching Millicent closely, decided that the girl was going to be a bit of a slave-driver, and could see that she ran the risk of making herself very unpopular with her orchestra if she pushed them too hard.

She herself said pleasantly, Of course, Gillian, you take your time. Theres no hurry for you to make up your mind, and I want you to be sure that you have made the right choice. The rest of the fifth form stared at June hard. They knew her very well indeed, and if June wanted something badly, she didnt give up without a fight. When the fifth formers went into the dining-room for lunch, it seemed that word had got around that June was the new games captain, for many of the younger girls nudged one another and whispered as she walked by.

Hannah, of the second form, came up to her, and said shyly, Congratulations, June. We second formers are simply thrilled that you are our new games captain.

Thanks, kid, said June, in her usual careless way, though she was secretly delighted and rather touched by this. Youre Hannah, arent you? I remember watching you play last year, when you were in the first form. I hope that you are going to try out for one of the teams this term, for you were pretty good.

Hannah, so overwhelmed that she was quite unable to speak, merely nodded, before rushing back to her table to tell the second formers that the great June had asked her to try out for one of the teams.

Millicent, meanwhile, had watched the little by-play with a sour expression, and wondered if she would be able to inspire the same devotion in her orchestra. She had certainly stirred peoples interest, for many girls, from different forms and different towers, put their names on the list that she had pinned up, and Millicent decided to hold auditions on the first Saturday of the term.

Auditions were being held in the big hall, and the rest of the fifth formers went along to watch. Theres nothing better to do, said June, looking at the gloomy weather outside the window, and sighing. I had planned to hold tennis practice for the lower forms, but its going to pour down any minute. The fifth formers had to sit right at the back of the hall, for it seemed that half of the school had decided that watching the auditions would be a pleasant way to while away a rainy afternoon.

Millicent stepped on to the stage, a list of names in her hand, and she called out, Pam, would you like to sit at the piano and go first?

Pulling a face at Nora, Pam walked to the front of the hall, where the piano stood, and sat down at it. She played a simple piece of music that she knew well, and, although she had intended to play a few wrong notes and spoil her chances of getting into the orchestra, found that she couldnt, as the music took hold of her.

It was a pleasant performance, and the listening girls clapped, but Millicent merely said, Not bad. Hannah Dixon, you play the piano, dont you? Lets see if you can do any better. June, sitting next to Freddie, gasped as Hannah of the second form got up, and whispered, Millicent is doing this on purpose! She heard me telling Hannah that I wanted her to practise hard at her tennis, and this is her way of getting back at me.

I bet you anything you like that she picks Hannah to be in her precious orchestra! Yes, but you cant blame Millicent entirely, Freddie whispered back. Hannah must have put her name on the list in the first place. Not necessarily, said June. Pam didnt put her name down, but Millicent badgered her into playing anyway. Can whoever is whispering please be quiet? It really is very rude when Hannah is waiting to begin. Millicent knew very well that it was June who was whispering, but there was an unwritten rule among the fifth formers that they did not find fault with one another in front of the younger girls.

But although Millicent hadnt named her, June was annoyed. Really, Millicent would do well to remember that she was a new girl! Hannah played very well indeed, and Millicent gave her a word of praise when she finished her piece.

Very good, she said. I shall certainly consider you as our pianist, Hannah, though I cant say anything definite until I have heard the others. Several more musicians took to the stage, playing a variety of instruments. One girl played the flute, another the trumpet, and yet another the cello. Millicent's orchestra is failing dismally, and June is busy with her new games captain duties.

A thief is the last thing they need! I loved this book it was amazing June has been chosen as sports captain and needs to get ready for the tennis tournament and choose people to be in the team however Millicent is entering Malory Towers in for a music competition and the people that are good at music are also good at tennis And to put the cherry on top there is a thief There's trouble at Malory Towers!

This book is really good I really enjoyed reading it June needs her tennis players for the tournament but Millicent needs her orchestra and both girls need players Gillian in sleepwalking This term looks exciting. Create my profile Log in. Average rating 4 out 5. Empress Lacey Rollercoaster Nurse Ursula Squirrel Anonymous Gillian was sleepwalking Anonymous It is really exciting and is an amazing boook to read Anonymous Great Anonymous It is really cool Anonymous An exciting book with weirdly wonderful events.

Though Millicent has a lot to learn in her first term about herself. Really good book with more humor than others.If she made the apology sound sincere enough. It is such a waste of time, when I could be working on my piece for the competition. You have an air of dignity about you. June looked down into Bonnies sweet little face, and gave a reluctant laugh.

But, of course, she was as pleased as punch, and simply couldnt wait to write to her parents and tell them the good news. Until Mamzelle said, Millicent, you will read now, please. I am going to decide by tomorrow, then we shall be able to call the first rehearsal. Society Shed.

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